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wrinkle relaxers

Diamonds were a girls best friend.

Then Botox happend.

Prices start at:



$12 unit

$5 unit

What to expect:


Botulinum Toxin helps relax unwanted muscles like brow furrows and crow’s feet. It can take more than a week* to help unkink those wrinkles you know by heart, but lasts about four months. It has a cumulative effect that translates to fewer units in the long run. 

What's normal

  • Small bumps that should vanish within minutes of your treatment.

  • Bruising marking the spot where we injected the wrinkle relaxer.

  • Full results can be achieved in 7-10 days.

Doctor's orders

  • Try to limit bending forward or doing strenuous exercise for four hours after treatment.

  • Don’t book a facial or massage on the same day you’re having injections.

  • Wear sunscreen and sunglasses after treatment to protect your skin and limit squinting.

  • Don't wear a hat or headband day of injections.

  • Come in and pick up an Arnica Kit.

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