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vein removal

A complimentary consultation is available to determine if you are the right candidate for this procedure. 

*call for quote/complimentary appointment


Laser vein therapy uses strong concentrated bursts of light to heat and close off spider veins appearing near the surface of the skin. Depending on the area that needs lasing, one to three treatments may be required. Your veins may appear bruised or darker red following treatment. This discoloration may take several months to fade.

Doctor's orders

  • Ice as needed.

  • Avoid tanning creams and spray tans one week prior to treatment.

  • Avoid any medications that may cause photosensitivity.

  • Use of NSAIDS or blood thinners may increase risk of bruising.

  • Limit sun exposure two weeks post treatment.

  • Avoid strenuous exercise, standing too long on your feet, drinking red wine, rubbing/scrubbing or scratching the treated areas, using saunas or hot tubs for 48 hours.

Suggested Aftercare Products

Suggested Aftercare Products

  • Arnica Kit

  • Revision Vitamin K Serum for redness

  • SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen

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