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skin brightening ipl

We all want skin that looks airbrushed to perfection, but for most of us, our skin has other plans. Hyper-pigmentation is one of the common skin complaints we see. The result is caused by an overproduction of melanin deposits in the skin. Pigmentation on the face and body can develop due to age genetics, sun exposure, and hormone fluctuations.


Intense pulsed light treatment, which is also referred to as photofaicial, is a broad spectrum light treatment designed to eliminate pigment irregularities commonly brought on by sun exposure. It also helps boost collagen production for a more fresh and youthful appearance. The light beams are absorbed by these darkened skin spots/areas, and then the  body proceeds to rid itself of these areas.

* The cost for a skin brightening IPL treatment varies based on treatment area. Please contact us for a complimentary estimate consultation.

Doctor's orders

  • Recommended skincare products by our trained staff to enhance and maintain results beyond your in-office treatments.

Suggested Product Aftercare

Revision Vitamin K Serum

Revision Vitamin C Complex


RX Peel Pads

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