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Red carpet tx

Rejuvenation deluxe

Brightening facial

Organic fruit enzyme peel

Dermaplane + peel

Dermaplane facial

Contouring facial

Acne treatment facial

Deep cleansing facial










Add on's for any facial:


gua sa massage

jelly mask




Red carpet tx

This Red-Carpet worthy treatment will help brighten, sculpt, lift, soothe, plump, and heal all while boosting radiance, improving collagen production, and firming and smoothing fine lines around the eyes, upper lip and hands. For all skin types except problematic.

This treatment is the Dermaplane Facial combined with the Brightening and Contouring Facials. May be performed without dermaplane.

rejuvenation deluxe

This two--in-one treatment includes the Organic Enzyme Peel and a targeted pore treatment for optimal restoration. Reveal your most revitalized skin yet!

brightening facial

Un-even skin tone, melasma, acne-scarring and hyperpigmentation are addressed in this clarifying treatment. Organic fruit enzymes, lactic acid and kojic acid are combined to refine and brighten the skin. Ditch discoloration with this sweet smelling facial; your illuminated complexion will thank you!

organic fruit enzyme peel

This enzyme peel provides excellent cellular renewal for sun damaged, aged and dull looking skin. Activating yet soothing, this treatment cleanses and restores your skin to its natural and beautiful balance. Enzymes dissolve dead skin and cleanse pores, thereby stimulating the dermis to manufacture more collagen and elastin. Continuously getting this treatment monthly will help your body to produce new, strong, healthier and younger looking skin in a gentler matter. For all skin types except clients undergoing Retin-A therapy.

dermaplane facial

This exfoliating treatment is performed using a scapel blade to ‘scrape’ off dead skin cells on the surface of the face revealing fresh, velverty skin.If your skin were any smoother, your makeup would slide right off! Added benefit is the removal of facial hair creating a smooth surface. For all skin types except problematic and extremely dry/flakey. Halt any Retin-A/Retinol treatments 5 days prior to treatment. 

*Add a custom peel for your specific skin type to further results of any targeted peel treatment.

contouring facial

Our most relaxing facial...this Lymphatic facial massage performed with a rose quartz Gua Sa crystal incorporates facial acupressure and lymph drainage eliminating fluids and puffiness to provide a more refined facial structure. Cumulative treatments equal deeper, more profound results. For all skin types.

acne treatment facial

This pore-purifying acne facial uses Salicylic acid to deeply and effectively cleanse the skin while dissolving oil and controlling bacteria. Excellent for reducing inflammation and rebuilding the pore wall, resulting in a balanced, refined complexion. For problematic or congested skin types.

deep cleansing facial

This cleansing treatment utilizes natural cranberry exfoliators to remove impurities and relieve pore congestion. Our gentle but very effective methods prevent skin from becoming inflamed, discolored or scarred. Look and feel rejuvenated. For all skin types.

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